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We Help Banks Grow
Our Card Customer and Promotion analytics offering helps you increase customer adoption efficiently.
  • Personalize your offers -- provide the right offers, to the right customers, at the right time.
  • Gain share of the growing ecommerce spends, profitably.
  • Track effectiveness of promotions in real time, taking corrective action if necessary.

Our Dynamic Cash Management Framework helps you manage banking operations for higher efficiency. The Solution provides:
  • Daily cash movement logistics.
  • Optimize idle cash in the system.
  • Reduce cash handling cost in branches up to 30%.

We Help Marketers Grow
We help merchants reach Bank customers with specific, non-transferable promotional offers, and track the offers from impression to activation.

We help marketers execute goal-driven campaigns for different marketing objectives: Trial, Uptake, Switching, Loyalty. We help you reach customers when and where they habitually shop. We track impressions, interest and activation, and provide detailed metrics. We provide timely feedback on ongoing campaigns and enable you to take early corrective action.

All our solutions do not violate customer privacy or share any customer-identifiable information.
Our Approach
We provide point solutions, leveraging proprietary platforms with embedded business processes and big data analytics. The solutions are delivered as a platform-based service to banks. Our solutions are delivered by our consultants by customizing and hand-tuning advanced analytical models built into our proprietary platforms.

The platforms incorporate banking processes layered on top of advanced analytical algorithms, predictive modeling and operations research. Our platforms work on streaming big data in real-time. Banks will have minimum disruption in their business processes due to our plug-and-play services framework.
Why Us?
BankSmarts is a specialist provider of marketing effectiveness and performance management solutions to Retail Banks in India and other Emerging Markets. We are a start-up, and pride ourselves on a culture of innovation, results, agility, customer-delight, and intense passion.

Our solutions incorporate proprietary Intellectual Property, work on streaming big data, and leverage predictive analytics, operations research, and machine learning. The platforms are customizable to your business processes, and do not require any disruption in or system integration with your core banking system. We provide a complete business solution including program design, field execution and reporting.